Managing your care needs, both financially and practically, can be difficult if you are also trying to adapt to life after a stroke or other illness.

To help make this process easier to deal with, we offer a range of services for people who meet the Council's eligibility criteria to receive services, which are designed to take the stress out of finding sources of funding and managing them appropriately. We also offer a service for people who do not meet the Council's eligibility criteria and are funding their own care. We can support you with the creation of a personalised support plan and also handle the process of finding and employing personal assistants.

Most of these services have a fee and these can be paid for from your care budget. We use any income generated to support our free outreach and support work.

Accessing Funds

Get assistance with accessing funding for your care

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Support planning

Get help writing your personal Support Plan to help you access funding

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Managed payroll

Helping you manage your responsibilities if you employ personal assistants

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Managed accounts

Alleviate the stress of managing your care budget effectively

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Employing Personal Assistants

Employ personal assistants in a straightforward and stress-free process

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Budgeting and money management

Gain control of your finances with our money management service

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