If you have difficulty carrying out certain tasks after your stroke or illness, there is a wide range of equipment available to help make these tasks easier and give you more independence both in and out of your home.

Stroke Care is an Accredited Retailer for Southwark’s Transforming Community Equipment Services. This means that we are able to provide equipment if you have been issued a prescription by Southwark’s Social Services for any necessary equipment. You simply contact us with your prescription number and we will arrange delivery.

You can also purchase equipment without a Prescription. You can see our range of equipment, sorted by category, along with costs and availability.

Around the home

Equipment that makes it easier to get around your home

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Equipment that makes it easier to bathe, wash and go to the toilet

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Equipment that makes it easier to get in and out of bed and get dressed

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Equipment that makes it easier to use the kitchen and eat and drink

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