For those living with strokes, mobility and other long-term disabilities, their carers and/or relatives, there are usually three major hurdles to overcome:

The first is the onset of stroke and its related aftermaths. The second barrier is the, very often, too early discharge from hospital and subsequent adjustment to life at home. The final major issue facing stroke sufferers is the end of hospital support and isolation, as well as sense of despair this very often creates.

We operate a range of social and community care services which focus on prevention and rehabilitation support to help address these hurdles and barriers for people affected by strokes, mobility and other related long-term health conditions. You can find out more about these projects below.


Stroke Care Cafe

The Stroke Care cafe promotes social inclusion in in comfortable safe surrounding

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Befriending Scheme

The Befriending Project matches local volunteers with those who feel socially isolated to create a strong befriending support network.

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Outreach Support

Our Outreach Support Project provides support to vulnerable and secluded members of the community

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Healthy Ageing

The Healthy Ageing project focuses on the ways every individual can change their lives to achieve more healthy outcomes.

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